Lacing a Net Bag

A lot of people ask us how we lace our net bags into our landing net frames so I created a tutorial here that shows and explains just how it’s done.

Northkill nets all have three holes through the handle, at the bottom end of the net hoop.  This is where the lacing starts & ends and where the tag ends of the lacing are hidden.  The illustration above, on top of the actual handle shows you the location of each hole. 

Use a bobbin threader or wire loop inserted from the left side of the handle through to the right. 

Pull through approximately 8” to the left side of the handle and use a small clamp or clothes pin to hold the excess thread in place. 

I use a sewing needle to lace my bags.  It makes life a lot easier.  Holes on Northkill nets are drilled to 3/32” around the hoop and 7/64” through the handle.  Make sure your needle, with thread, can pass through these holes.  The thread, or cord I use is 1.5mm dacron braid. 

Once your needle & cord are ready, secure your net bag with clothes pins.

Start the cord by inserting the needle through the first handle hole and into the center of the net bag. 

Then bring your lace over the top of the bag loop and out of the same hole. 

Continue to the next hole moving counterclockwise.  The picture below shows the net bag half way finished. 

When you finish lacing the last hole, trim both ends of the cord to approximately 6”.

Secure the two ends by tying 3 overhand knots. 

Use your bobbin threader again to pull the loose ends through the handle one at a time but leave a small loop on the left side of the handle for both tag ends. 

Use a medium/strong amount of pressure to pull the knot into the cord channel.  Too much pressure will rip the rubber net bag hoop!

Finally, while pulling on each tag end, cut the cord as close to the net frame as possible.  The tension you have on the cord will cause the tag ends to spring back into the center of the handle and the ends will be hidden. 

Finished product!  If you need any help or guidance, just send me an email –

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