The Heddon Crazy Crawler

#2120 Wooden Crazy Crawler

The Heddon Crazy Crawler has enjoyed an incredibly long production run, lasting from 1939 to the present day.  It started its life as a wooden lure and, in 1957, it assumed a plastic form.  For those fishermen who love topwater action, the Crazy Crawler is a must-have lure.  It’s moving fins and floating nature ensure plenty of surface action that mimics a wounded bird.  When a fish strikes this lure, you’ll instantly know it.

While Heddon made the Crazy Crawler a staple in tackle boxes for decades, the lure can be attributed to its true creator, New Jersey lure maker Jim Donaly.  Donaly designed a lure called the WOW in the 1920s which was very similar to the Crazy Crawler.  The WOW featured moving fins and the same bulbous shape.  Donaly sold the WOW patent to Heddon in the late 1930s and the Heddon marketing machine took care of the rest.

Not all of the Crazy Crawlers were meant to look like birds.  Some had flocking and leather tails and looked like mice with wings.  I doubt that fish care if a tail is there or isn’t.  When it commits, it commits.

During its heyday, the Crazy Crawler came in three sizes.  The #2100 was a 2 ¾” long, #2120 was 2 ½” and the largest was the #2150 which measured 3 ½”.  Vintage Crazy Crawlers are very collectible and, quite frankly, pretty darn cool.  If the original box is available, it is worth even more.

The box is a little worse for wear, but, it’s still an original box.

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