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Fly Fishing GearYou Asked. We Listened.

In 2018, we launched Northkill Tackle by selling custom landing nets and fishing rods. This has kept us busy but we are always being asked, “What else do you sell?” We listened to these requests and are happy to announce that Northkill Tackle has expanded its offerings and we hope to become one of your favorite online fly shops. In addition to our hand built wood landing nets and fishing rods, we now sell a wide variety of fly fishing gear like rod and fly storage, floatants and line weights, hooks, tying accessories and lots of flies. Just a few of the brands we carry are Loon, Firehole, Dr. Slick, Clear Creek and Tacky Fly Fishing.

Why Buy From Northkill Tackle?

In two sentences, quality determines what we carry. If we wouldn’t use it on the water, we wouldn’t expect you to either.  Every single item we carry is a product we carry on the water or use on the bench.  In some cases we’ve been using these products for years.  Our fly fishing gear is offered at the most affordable price possible. I remember walking into high-end fly shops during the late 1990s and wondering to myself “who pays these prices!?”  While my economic situation has changed since then, I still can’t justify overspending for anything.

Help for Beginners

We know how daunting it is to learn how to start fly fishing and we know exactly what you need for a fly fishing beginner setup.  We won’t oversell you and we’re here for you for the long term.  Have a question before you buy? We’re here for you.  Have a question months after an order? Just reach out to us.  Like Trout Unlimted and Fly Fishers International, we have a vested interest in helping newcomers and seeing them evolve into the anglers they want to be.

Wide Range of Accessories

We have some of the best fly fishing equipment and accessories in our fly fishing shop including thermometers and tippet holders, floatants, line weights, indicators and line cleaner too.  Our 100% made in the USA rod sleeves and storage tubes will protect your rods off the water.

Our 100% handmade landing nets will be the last net you ever need and our custom built fishing rods will give you reliable service for years to come.  Our nets and rods come with lifetime warranties that give you piece of mind and pride of ownership.

Flies & Fly Tying

If you need to stock up your fly boxes, Northkill Tackle has close to 50 fly patterns for you to choose from.  From traditional dry flies to the latest articulated streamers for monster fish, we have you covered.  While some of our flies are tied in-house, most  of our offerings are sourced from a distributor in the western United States.  The flies we offer will stand up to plenty of punishment and even turn a few heads on other fishermen too!  Prices start at just $1.50/fly, making it easy for you to get what you need on a budget.

If you tie your own flies, we can offer you Firehole hooks which are barbless and razor sharp.  We also carry magnetic fly tying stations that keep all of your fly tying gear in one place.

For those of you that already have a large array of flies, take a look at our Tacky Fly Boxes – the latest boxes that use silicone inserts that hold your flies tight and keep their shape for a long time.

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