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Fly Fishing Nets

It is an absolute thrill to hook a catch of a lifetime, and complete heartache to lose the same fish.  By having one of Northkill Tackle’s landing and fly fishing nets by your side, we will make sure heartache isn’t in your future.

Every one of our landing nets are handmade in Berks County, Pennsylvania.  From start to finish, we give our utmost care and attention to every net we make.  Using locally sourced hardwoods or exotic species from other continents, we can make a landing net for you that will be functional yet beautiful. Whether you choose one of our in-stock models or elect to get something fully custom made, your net will turn heads, land your catch and even protect the health of the fish.


Lifetime Warranty

Northkill Tackle nets come with a lifetime warranty ensuring your wooden landing nets will be around for generations. Our products have been thoroughly tested for strength.    We have loaded our wooden landing nets with heavy weights, smashed them onto the floor and purposely fallen on them in the woods.  Heck, we even dropped one 500 feet out of an airplane!  Each test came back with the same result – an undamaged landing net.  None of our competition will abuse their nets the way we do so you can fish with ours with confidence.

In addition to pride and craftsmanship, a lot goes into a Northkill Tackle net. We start by milling rough wood into smooth, dimensioned lumber.   From there, 1/8” strips are cut and three of these strips are steam bent and laminated together for use in most of our hoops.  For the main handle, we use a mixture of stabilized and natural wood.  Our Standard Scout nets feature a walnut handle while our Premium Scout nets have stabilized handles with a trim piece on the inner hoop.  A proprietary finish seals the entire net, adding strength, shine and protection from the elements.  Finally, a machined brass eyehook is installed and a net bag is laced into the frame with Dacron cord.

Landing Net Wood StripsWood Landing Net HandlesSteam bent hoop strips

We offer four standard net sizes.

Our smallest net is the Native and it’s just 18” in overall length with a 9”x12” bag.  This net is perfect for those trips for wild trout.  The bag is coated in rubber and includes measurements so you can quickly determine a fish’s size and get it safely back in the water.  The coated net bag will not strip a fish of its slime coat and it won’t snag your hook either.

Our flagship net is our Scout net.  The Standard Scout comes in walnut and ash and has a 16″x 8.5″ hoop and an 8″ handle.  Overall length is 24″.  The black or ghost vinyl net bag is 8″ deep with a flat bottom.  This is a lightweight fly fishing net too – just 13-ounces.  Our Premium Scout nets feature the same dimensions but use stabilized wood handles and come in just about any hardwood combination you choose.

If you like the Scout net but want a longer reach, then our Guide net will be your top pick.  This has the same hoop and bag dimensions but boasts a 19” handle that gives the Guide a 35” overall length.

Finally, if you need something big, then our Boat/Steelhead net is for you.  This behemoth features a 20″ x 17″ hoop and a 29″ ash handle.  Overall length is 49″.  The net hoop is made from ash and walnut.  The entire net is sealed with a durable polyurethane and the handle shaft is wrapped with a comfortable Winn grip.  The Promar net bag is 14″ deep with a flat bottom.  The Boat net is just as useful from the boat as it is from the shore or stream bank.  From bass, pike and pickerel to steelhead and Kokanee, this heirloom quality net will serve you for generations.

Three Northkill Tackle Landing Nets

We Value You & Your Fish!

We know that when choosing a landing net, anglers have many options.  From the very cheap nets found in big box stores (that probably won’t last very long) to the mass produced carbon fiber fly fishing nets that litter the shelves of many fly shops (and provide ZERO inspiration), we understand that Northkill Tackle has to stand out from the crowd.  To stand out we offer our lifetime warranty, ability to customize and the fastest turnaround time in the custom landing net community.  You’ll also learn very quickly that our customer service is the best there is.  We don’t view our customers as dollar signs, we see you as a soon-to-be friend we can help.

Lastly, Northkill Tackle is passionate about conservation and environmental stewardship.  We are active in our local Trout Unlimited chapter and we are members of Trout Unlimited as a TU Business.  This helps TU further its mission, but it also entitles every Northkill Tackle customer to a free 1-year membership in TU.

If you have any questions about our nets, our methods or how to get your own custom fly fishing net (or spin fishing net, or trout fishing net, or any net!), please use our contact form to get in touch or simply send us an email to

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