Gear Review: Dr. Slick Magnetic Net Holder

There are a million accessories out there for fishermen ranging from useful tools like pliers and thermometers to luxury items like $100 tippet nippers and fancy release tools. While I drool over just about everything in the fly or tackle shop, I’m actually a minimalist on the water, relying on just a few items in my vest or sling pack. The one accessory that I never leave home without is my Dr. Slick Magnetic Net Holder.

The Dr. Slick Magnetic Net Holder consists of a coiled plastic leash, a few clips and the heart of the accessory – the magnetic clip. One end of the leash is attached to your net (or pliers, hemostat, leader wallet, license holder, etc) and the other end is fastened to your fishing vest, kayak, belt, etc. When you are ready to use the attached item, simply pull and the magnet releases and the item is in your hands. When you are finished, get one half of the magnet near the other and you will hear an audible snap as the two magnets mate. The magnets are very powerful and allow you to make a blind connection – all you have to do is get close.

There’s no right or wrong way to use the net holder but this is how I do it. Using the included key ring (you could also use the green para cord) I attach one half of the magnet to my net’s eye hook on the handle and the other half to the D-clip on the back of my fishing pack. I then clip one end of the coiled lanyard to the net-side ring and clip the other end of the lanyard to a comfortable position like my wading belt or the front of my fishing pack.

The best feature of the Dr. Slick Net Holder is the fact that you can adjust the strength of the magnet by turning two jam nuts on one half of the magnet. Turning the nuts inward will give magnet-to-magnet contact and the strongest possible bond. By turning them outward, a gap between the magnets is created which weakens the bond. You can dial this in to your comfort level or the weight of the attached piece.

The Dr. Slick Net Holder is currently just $18. (Regularly $23). Yes, there are similar products out there that are cheaper but they are truly cheap. They don’t share the same feature’s of the Dr. Slick unit, namely the adjustable magnet strength, stainless steel hardware and proven reputation of Dr. Slick goods. Heck, there’s even an included Dr. Slick decal. Get your Dr. Slick Magnetic Net Holder today, either in-person or online.

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