Landing Net Strength Test

Nets Fly Strength Test

Since I don’t have a physical storefront for Northkill Tackle, my best chance to interact with current and potential customers is at fishing shows.  These usually occur in the colder months when most people are off the water.  A common myth that I need to constantly correct is the myth that “wood trout fishing nets are just too weak. I break them all the time.”  I look at the person saying this and gently point out the fact that they must be using cheap nets made in a foreign land.

I can say with a great deal of certainty that Northkill Tackle landing nets are made from exceptionally high quality materials.  With the exception of some of the exotic woods I use, everything from the Dacron used to lace the bag to the high gloss finish applied to the frame is proudly made in the USA.   Yes, even my glue and brass eye bolts are too.  Thanks to the use of high quality materials, Northkill Tackle nets are practically indestructible.

I recently subjected my personal net to some major abuse when I had it dropped from an airplane at 500 feet.  Yes, you read that correctly, I dropped one of my landing nets from an airplane.

This wasn’t the first torture test either.  In the past I filled a net up with dumbbells and weights to test breaking strength.  I stopped at 40 pounds – before ever detecting any strain.  Next I took a net into the forest (where nobody could see me flop around) and I proceeded to run into trees and fall on roots. I still couldn’t break the net.  The only time I could break a net was when I slammed a net on a concrete floor. Even then it took THREE smacks before it finally cracked.

I figured the airplane drop would be the final test and certainly something nobody else has ever tried.  Did it survive? Of course it did.

I don’t know any other net builders who will put their nets through such a test.  Northkill Tackle isn’t afraid to do it because we’re proud of our work and know our quality materials coupled with our craftsmanship can stand any test thrown their way.  Northkill Tackle landing nets are truly the last net you’ll ever need!

Watch the full airplane strength test below.

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