Landing Nets

Excluding a fishing rod, a landing net just may be the most important piece of fishing gear you will own.  You don’t ever want to be in a position on the water where you need a landing net and don’t have one.  An even worse fate would be reeling a fish of a lifetime, only to lose it the moment your cheap, import net fails.

Whether you target trout and steelhead or bass, pike and muskie, we can make a landing net for you.  All of our nets are handmade to last using hardwoods harvested in Pennsylvania.  Wood strips are steam bent, placed on a form and glued together.  After the rough form is complete, it is fully sanded and then finished with multiple coats of epoxy.  Our landing net bags come from an American distributor and laced, by hand, to the frame.

Our mission is simple — to create heirloom-quality products that are reasonably priced.

All of our in-stock landing nets can be found by visiting our online store.  If you have a specific net already in your mind, contact Chris to make that vision a reality.

Strips of wood are cut for the landing net hoop
Every Northkill landing net is made from several strips of hardwood.


This landing net is almost finished
A Northkill Scout Net secured in the gluing mold.