Fly Fishing Thermometer


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Understanding and tracking water temperature allows the fly fisher to both find the spots where the fish are most actively feeding as well as anticipate the next hatch.  Trout are cold water fish, and will most actively feed and take a fly in water temperatures between 55 – 65 degrees Fahrenheit.   As summer water temperatures reach 67-68 degrees Fahrenheit, it is important for the angler to avoid fishing those waters so as not to stress the trout.  Additionally, invertebrate hatches are primarily launched when the water temperature reaches a certain window, and tracking and recording these temperatures during a hatch will enable you to anticipate and plan for that same hatch season after season.

This thermometer:

  • Is armored in a rugged, anodized aluminum case
  • Measures temperature  in Fahrenheit
  • Includes an aluminum carabiner for easy attachment to your pack or vest

Serious anglers need serious tools, not over-priced ones.

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